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Before we start with the Review of VietJet Air let’s dive a bit into the history of the airline. You can skip right here to the Review of VietJet Air.

Do not confuse this airline with Thai Vietjet Air. This is an associate company of the  Vietnamese airline.

VietJet Air was founded in 2007. Due to the global economic crisis of the late 2000s and some regulatory issues, it took till December of 2011 for the official launch and first flight.

Starting with a flight from to Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang, the airline expanded to more airports in Vietnam. The first international flight was on the 9th of February 2013 from Ho Chi Minh City to Bangkok.

At the time of writing, VietJet Air serves 23 domestic and 10 international destinations. To give you an idea on how fast they grew over the last few years I have a few passenger numbers for you: The carrier carried its 10 millionth passenger in December 2014, and the 25 millionth passenger in December 2015!

They have a codeshare agreement with Japan Airlines and Thai Vietjet Air.

VietJet Air Logo
VietJet Air Logo

VietJet Air Review

This review is from my flight from Bankok to Hanoi and from Hanoi to Bangkok. Travel Dates: November 8th 2018 and December 3rd 2018
VietJet Air over Dong Hoi
VietJet Air plane desending to Dong Hoi Airport

Website & Booking Management

Let’s take a look at the website first. (This link brings you to the English version of the website). Keep in mind that I review this airline as Budget Airline. You get a seat and 7 Kg of carry-on luggage and that is all that is included in the regular ticket price.
If you want to take extra luggage or a meal you have to pay extra. Sadly even some of the big “Regular Airlines” picked up that stupid idea as well. Some want to charge for carry on luggage as well. What is next??

But let’s go ahead and open that website!

VietJet Air Homepage
I filled the form on the right with name and dates. You can choose from a few currencies but for this review we use US$. If your travel date is not fixed and you are a bit flexible I recommend that you click the “Find lowest fare” box! You will see why in the next picture.

VietJet Air Lowest Fares Window
We selected the 12th to fly but look it is cheaper at the 13th. In this case, it might not be too much to change your mind but sometimes you have 50 or more US $ around your dates and if you have the time – 50 $ are 130 Bia Hoi at the street in Hanoi!!!

Eco Economic Fare VietJet AirTake a look at that!
You can bring 7 Kg of carry on baggage and that is it. But you can at last change the flight, date, and route. So if for any reason you have to fly later or change plans you do not have to trash the ticket. Of course, you have to pay for it. The same goes if you want to sell the ticket to somebody in case you cannot fly at all.
For the rest, you have to pay as well: Seat selection, meal and checked baggage.

VietJet Air Promotion Fare This is the cheapest option VietJet Air offers. Still, you can do anything that you can with the Eco Fare as well. The only difference is the change of name.

VietJet Air Skyboss FareTravel like a Boss!
With VietJet Air you can! They call it Skyboss and this one is loaded.
If you want to get to this option make sure you do not tick the “Find lowes fare?” box!!
You get 10 Kg carry-on and 30 Kg checked baggage. Can choose a seat and have priority check-in and probably boarding as well.
Nice: VIP Lounge and since they operate from BKK to Vietnam you can go in the lounge there.
No refund – the same with all options.

Booking Summary

Flight Selection VietJet Air
Lets choose the Eco fare for this example.
All the happiness is gone after you look over into the yellow field. Even with two flight for only 18.06 US$, the total is already 108.63!

Personal Data VietJet Air
Let us populate the personal information fields so we can get to the next page – the Add Ons.

Seatmap VietJet Air
You do not have to book a seat and pay for it – you will get a seat for sure. But if you like you have the following options:

  • Premium Seats: 6.70 US$
  • Front Seat: 4 US$ These seats are like regular seats but you will be out a bit before the passengers that sit in the back of the plane and it is less noisy!
  • Exit Row Seat: 6.70 US$ More legroom
  • Standard Seat: 4 US$ Pay for one of those does only make sense if you want to be 100% sure that you sit on the window or aisle or in the middle if you like. Or if you are a group and want/need to sit together or close.

But the 12 A and F have a lot of leg room for example. So let’s take them as well.

Baggage and Meal selection VietJet Air
Seats and food might not be important but usually, you do bring a bag that you check in.
You get the following options:

  • 15 Kg: 12 US$
  • 20 Kg: 15 US$
  • 25 Kg: 20 US$
  • 30 Kg: 25 US$
  • 35 Kg: 31 US$
  • 40 Kg. 36 US$

We choose 15 Kg and the system will add 2 x 12 US$ to our total.

Grand Total
This brings us to 150 US$ with everything or 128 US$ for the flight with a 15 Kg bag.

All of this is quite standard. Food options are OK but what if you want Vegetarian food? There is only one option as far as I see. That is poor. But we get to this later.

Booking is easy and you clearly see where your money goes. It works and you can pay easy. Of course, it is a Budget Airline and you have to pay for everything extra which is the new normal. But this is not part of the review since we reviewed VietJet Air as Budget Airline.

I give this section 3,7 stars

Web Site and Online Booking

Check-In & Boarding

That is the same old Check-In as with every airline. You get to the airport and find your counter. There you get in line with the other travelers. When it is your turn you give your passport and put your bags on the scale. Do not forget to leave without your luggage receipt!

Sometimes it works better and sometimes not. If you ever took a plane out of New Delhi, for example, you might remember that nobody cares about the lady at the desk. She can say “Now we like to invite our 1st Class and Business Class customers to board” as long as she wants. Everybody will run and block the gate as soon as they hear boarding started. Unless I really have an experience I remember the Check-In will not be part of the review.

VietJet Air Seating

Exit row seat VietJet Air
The nice girl at the Check-In gave me a free Exit Row Seat! Thank you!!

Exit Row Seat VietJet Air
Plenty of space

VietJet Air Seat
VietJet Air Seat

View out of a VietJet Airplane
The view a few minutes after takeoff from BKK. As you can see I was sitting in front of the turbine. Which is strange as usually, the exit row in the middle is at the wings. But not so in an Airbus 321 which is fine with me. Look at the next picture – the noise check from the flight Bangkok – Hanoi and the flight back from Hanoi to Bangkok!

Noise Check VietJet Air
This is from my exit row seat in front of the turbine.

Noise Check VietJet Air
And this one is from my flight back from a seat behind the turbine. Quite a difference. So if you can choose – sit in front of the turbine.
Nice extra: Turbulence affects the front of the plane way less so you get this on on top!

VietJet Air at Hanoi Airport
Our plane almost ready for boarding

Regular Seat VietJet Air
Regular Seat VietJet Air. I am 6’7” or 203 cm tall. I can not move but it is OK since the flight was not long. On the way back the not so nice young lady at the airport wanted 6 US$ extra for the exit row so I skipped it.

My seat was just behind the wings
My seat was just behind the wings – you can see the shadow.

The lake close to Hoa Binh
The lake close to Hoa Binh

If you are small the seating is good – but I am not and this is my review! I can only give 2.5 stars


Food & Beverages

This is a Budget Airline and you have to pay for your food and the beverages. If you preorder you get a 20% discount. So if you think you want to eat in the air you better order online. This way you also make sure you get the food you want!
VietJet Air Menue
VietJet Air Menue

VietJet Air Menue

VietJet Air Menue
The only Vegetarian option I found – Vegetarian Congee.

VietJet Air Menue

VietJet Air Menue

VietJet Air Beverage Selection

VietJet Air Beverage Selection
If the food is not included with the ticket it is never cheap. The same goes for the drinks. Compared to Europe the flight is also quite expensive so I was surprised about the prices for International flights. Not a big difference to what you have to pay at budget airlines in Europe. And why is the food more expensive when I fly to Thailand??
Only one vegetarian option is not enough.
On the other hand side, they had 2 different menus on the way to and from Vietnam. So if you eat you do not have the same options which is nice! I give 3 stars for the Food & Beverage options.

Food & Beverages

Cabin Crew

Service was friendly and I do not remember anything unpleasant.
But I do not remember anything nice as well. Let’s say they did their job.
I give 3.5 stars.

Cabin Crew
VietJet Air Review
Website and Booking Management
3.7 Star
2.5 Star
Food & Beverages
3 Star
Cabin Crew
3.5 Star
VietJet Air Rating:
3 Stars look like not a lot but I would fly VietJet Air again if the price is right. The flight from Bangkok to Hanoi is short enough to cope with seating. If you are smaller or let’s say you are in the range of “normal height” and fit you will be happy with this airline.
How was your experience with VietJet Air? Please let me know in the comments below!

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